Thursday, August 05, 2010

حرف تو

I've been missing you; more than words can say,

that I've been thinking about it every day,

the time we had just dancing nice and slow,

I said now I've found you,I'm never letting go;


I'm lying here tonight, thinking of the days we've had,

Wondering if the world would be so beautiful;

If I had not looked into your eyes,

How did you know that I've been waiting?

I never knew the world would be so beautiful at all.


maryamgoli said...

wow very nice dear...

گنجشکک اشی مشی said...

دورود /

همون که مریم گلی گفت !!!

چیه خوب چرا چپ چپ نگاه میکنی ؟! من چه بدونم آخه حس پشتش چی بده کهیه چی بگم ؟!!!‌باز مریم جان یحتمل بدونن !!‌
پس همون که ایشون گفتن !!

وقت خوش ././././././././././.